Training Tips

Running on a Treadmill vs. Running Outside
Is it better to work out inside or outdoors? That question weighs on the minds of many runners, especially since treadmills are specifically designed for their preferred fitness activity. Learn more about the benefits of running on a treadmill vs. running outside to decide which one is the best fit for you. Workout Intensity: Running One of the biggest factors to consider in this debate is the quality of your workout. You actually get more muscle activation when you run outside. That’s because the movement of the treadmill belt does some of the work propelling you forward with each step...
New to Running? Here's How to Get Through Your First Mile
When it comes to running your first mile, it’s all about baby steps. If you try to go too hard and too fast on your first outing, it might put you off running forever. But with the right plan in place, you’ll find that in addition to reaching that 1-mile goal, you can become someone who actually really enjoys going for a run. If you’re craving that endorphin high that runners always talk about, use these tips for running a mile for the first time. Warm Up and Cool Down It’s absolutely critical to warm up your muscles before you head out for any run. This step will make you feel more comf..
How to Dress for Winter Running
Don’t let the dropping temperatures scare you away—our guide for running outside no matter the conditions. If this is the year you took up running, you may be wondering about how to get through the cold winter months that are fast approaching. Snow, ice, wind and bitter temperatures can make the going tough. But with the right gear, winter can actually be a nice time to run.  Think about it—no more heat and humidity to make you feel like you are barely making forward progress. A chance to get outside your house when, for the most part, everything else is based inside. A few quiet ho..
How to Dress for 50-degree Running Success
Dial-in your cold-weather running attire for the best experience at the best temperature. If runners could choose an ideal temperature for their best runs, most would pick the 50-degree mark. It’s the Goldilocks of conditions—not too hot, not too cold, but just right. This 50-degree range, in fact, is the sweet spot for marathon performance, too, serving as the “just right” temperature for most of the best finishes, year after year. Whether you’re training to race or simply to get out and enjoy the fresh air, your running is going to be happiest around 50 degrees. Luckily, we’re about to..
Hit the Great Outdoors! – 8 Important Benefits of Trail Running
Over the last decade, trail running has grown significantly in popularity. Certainly, the appeal of nature and the outdoors is one reason for its growth. Likewise, the number of off-road races has also increased, including mud runs and obstacle courses. While these hint at why more runners are running trails, they don’t paint the entire picture. The most important reason trail running is attractive involves the numerous advantages it offers to runners. And this is also why trail running will continue to appeal to runners everywhere. Here are 8 amazing benefits of trail running.   1...
How to Build Endurance for Beginner Runners
For runners of all experience levels, there are often two primary goals: To run faster and to run longer. As a new runner, building up endurance is especially important. It allows you to participate in longer races whether for you that means a local 5k or your first marathon. If you want to learn how to build endurance while running, these top tips can greatly improve your training and put you on the right track toward running success.    Distinguish Between Easy Runs and Hard Runs A common mistake among newer runners is running at the same pace every time you lace up your s..
Where to Hold Your Phone While Trail Running
For many runners, keeping your phone nearby is a must. For trail runners, that need is even more pronounced. When you’re miles from your car parked at the trail head or you’re heading up to elevations where weather can be unpredictable, it is critical to have access to your phone right when you need it most. (Plus – you need a phone to snap that obligatory selfie at the top of the mountain trail, right?) Whether you are checking out your local trails for the first time or you’re gearing up for a trail ultramarathon, there is one thing all trail runners have in common: The need to figure out ho..
A Woman's Guide to Finding the Perfect Running Shoes
Getting into the running routine can be exciting. Whether you are gearing up to train for a 5k or a marathon, the right shoes really can make all the difference. All too often, however, women are hesitant to invest in running shoes. Sure, you can wear the same pair you always wear to the gym, or you can toss on those old sneakers from the back of your closet. But remember that not all running shoes are created equally. Use this guide to find the perfect running shoes, in the right size, that support you and your running.   Don’t Fall for the Pink Shoe Trick We have all seen an ad..
Trail Running Year-Round: 9 Tips and Tricks for Winter Trail Running
Trail running can be an incredible experience, but many summer trail runners start to hit the pavement or the treadmill once the first signs of ice and snow arrive. While some trails are just not runnable in the winter months, there are plenty of miles of single-track that are perfect for winter trail running. If you want to extend your trail running season, use these 9 trail running tips and tricks to stay safe and warm this winter.   1. Layer, Layer, and Layer Some More During winter runs, layers are your best friends. Start with a warm base-layer that wicks moisture away from ..
Exploring FlipBelt Running Light
As the long days of summer slip away, more and more runners find themselves starting or ending their runs in the dark. Logging miles no matter the season may be the mark of a truly committed runner, but no one should battle the darkness or put up with sub-par lighting options. Out of this struggle came the inspiration for the FlipBelt Running Light. One goal and tireless efforts for over two years culminated in a way for runners to have the best possible running experience in the dark.    Inspiration Research began by asking one question: Is there a light that can be used fo..