Million Mile Light Double Pack


Temporarily sold out, more are on the way soon!

A LED Light Combo for Runners - Motion Powered

It is recommended to run with a red safety light on your back and a white safety light on your front during sunrise, sunset, and low-light conditions. The Million Mile clip-on running light never requires batteries and flashes every time you take a step. This LED safety light for runners can be seen from over 600ft away in twilight and nighttime running situations. With battery free technology and a strong IP waterproof rating, the Million Mile Light is engineered to never give up on you when safety matters most. 


  • Battery free – Powered by motion so it's always ready and never runs out
  • Wearable – Easily clips onto cloths or your FlipBelt
  • Ultra bright - 30 Lum intensity with 200m visibility
  • Hypersensitive - Powered by even the slightest movement
  • IPX6 Rating - Weatherproof and splashproof
"Bright Idea: ‘Million Mile Light’ Harvests Power as You Run"

"Million Mile Light turns running strides into light"

"Motion-powered safety light brightens up night runs for joggers"
"The motion-powered Million Mile Light is a runner’s dream come true"

"Clever running light that never needs batteries"

"Motion-powered Million Mile Light stays lit as long as you keep jogging"

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