6 Workout Accessories the Runner on Your List Doesn’t Know They Need

6 Workout Accessories the Runner on Your List Doesn’t Know They Need

We all know it takes a lot of time and energy to find the right gift. If you don’t know what to get your fitness-loving friends and family this holiday season, don’t worry because we have some great gift ideas for runners that even they may not have thought of. Here is a list of six workout accessories and gifts for the athlete in your life just may not have known they needed.

1. Kettlebells

As the weather cools down, runners often have to bring their workout indoors. Use kettlebells, which range in size and weight from four to 92 kilograms, to do everything you would do with dumbbells to build overall body strength, fitness, and general athleticism. You can swing, press and snatch safely with these, making them a perfect training tool for strength and endurance.

$62 for a 53-pound kettlebell, roguefitness.com

2. Foam Roller

Recovering from a workout is nearly just as important as the workout itself. Take care of yourself after exercising with a foam roller. To undo the knots from exercising or the strain in your back and shoulders from sitting at a desk all day, the TriggerPoint Grid foam roller is the answer. It is a dense, firm roller that enables you to get deep into your knots.

 $34.98, TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

3.Indoor Training Socks

Studies have shown that training in your barefeet can give you more power and mobility (those cavemen were on to something). Unfortunately, the floor at your gym is not likely to be a germ-free zone. These training socks allow you to train barefoot, give you grip and keep your feet germ-free.

$25, pedestalfootwear.com

4. Nutrition

Every athlete can benefit from an improved diet, this cookbook designed by a coach and sport scientist on the Pro-Cycling Tour takes the guess work out of preparing quick easy meals for athletes on the go and includes a wide variety of simple, delicious, and effective recipes for optimal nutrition.

$24.95, skratchlabs.com Feed Zone Cookbook

5. Pullup Bar

Another great accessory that helps you take your workout indoors during the winter is the Iron Gym Upper Body Workout bar. Pull-ups are one of the best body-weight exercises for you, but they can also be one of the most difficult. Placing this on your door will give you no excuse when it comes to doing pull-ups. Make a habit of doing pull-ups on your way out the door in the morning and again when you get home to see results quickly.

$23.61, Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar (available from Amazon)

6. FlipBelt

We couldn’t finish this list without including FlipBelt -- it’s the one workout accessory that is easy to use and helps you to carry everything you need while traveling or exercising, including your phone, keys, ID, cards, cash, medical devices and more. You will forget that you even have it on! Our range of running belts deliver outstanding performance at every fitness level and are a great alternative to uncomfortable armbands and bulky pouches. We even have the all new reflective belt and the new hydration belt.

$28.99-$43.99, flipbelt.com

These seven workout accessories are great gifts for any athlete. Save yourself from some stress this holiday season by purchasing an item from this list, and don’t forget a FlipBelt for yourself! 

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