The Leading Alternative to Armbands

Over 2 million runners prefer securing their items with a FlipBelt when they run. The difference is clear, FlipBelt's armband alternatives are the comfortable, balanced, functional way to carry a phone and keys while running. These phone straps for running won't bounce or chafe, and they just work how they should. Simplify your phone holder running accessories with FlipBelt.





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Other FlipBelt Uses

The FlipBelt cell phone holder for runners is known for being the most elite running belt available, but it's also commonly used at the gym, while traveling, horseback riding, carrying medical devices like insulin pumps and epi pens, and so much more. The options are limitless.

  • Fitness

    No more phones falling out of your shorts or stuffing your wallet in your bra. FlipBelt is the best way to keep your stuff secure while you work out.

    FlipBelt for fitness 
  • Travel

    Money belts, passport holders, and anti-pickpocket products are bulky, uncomfortable and unattractive. Upgrade to a FlipBelt for your next adventure.

    FlipBelt for travel