FlipBelt FAQ

Will my phone fit in a FlipBelt?

Yes! The FlipBelt Classic is 3¾ inches wide and made with stretchy fabric that gives it the ability to hold large phones such as the iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S10. The FlipBelt Zipper is 4 inches wide and can hold the new larger phones such as iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. 

Please check our size compatibility chart for more details.

It should be noted that rubberized or bulky phone cases like an OtterBox will make it a bit difficult for your phone to slide in easily.

Because we have a 100% customer satisfaction policy, you're never stuck with a FlipBelt. If our custom workout belt for phones doesn't work for you, we will be more than happy to do a return or exchange.

Is carrying small items secure?

When FlipBelt is worn and used correctly, security of small items is ensured. For items such as coins, sleek cards, chapstick, etc., we recommend placing them in a FlipBelt wallet or small coinpurse before inserting them into the FlipBelt since items can shift during activities.

The original FlipBelt can be turned so that the openings face inward against your body to better lock items in place. The FlipBelt Zipper includes an additional zipper-close pocket for extra security of smaller items.

We highly recommend wearing and testing the belt before your activity so you get familiar with where the openings are and how your items work with the belt.

Will my passport fit in a FlipBelt?

Just as the FlipBelt is designed to stretch and fit large cellphones, your passport won’t have any trouble fitting either! The fact that the FlipBelt can easily fit a passport, your money, your cellphone, keys and more, make it a slim, elegant and stylish alternative to traditional money belts.

We recommend the FlipBelt Zipper, which is slightly wider for an easier fit and has a zipper-close pocket for extra security.

Does a water bottle fit in a FlipBelt?

FlipBelt makes custom water bottles designed to fit easily in any FlipBelt. Our water bottles are contoured to fit comfortably against your body so they stay in place during your activities. FlipBelt water bottles are available in 11-ounce and 6-ounce and can be purchased individually or as part of the FlipBelt Hydration Belt.

Does the FlipBelt ride up?

We've gotten an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our customers about how FlipBelt doesn't move! The even, tubular design gives the belt balance. This is important because it doesn't bounce which ultimately causes other belts to move up the body. The wider fabric area also helps it evenly grip the body for a stable hold.

However, there are a small percent of body types that may experience ride-up. In these cases, we recommend that you try the belt and take advantage of our customer satisfaction guarantee if you experience any problems.

How do I know what size to choose?

We recommend a comfortably snug fit for best results using the FlipBelt. Depending on where you want to wear FlipBelt, the size will vary. If you prefer to wear it low on your hips, go up a size. If you’d rather it sit on or above your hips, go true to size. On your natural waist, go down a size. Our sizing chart will help guide you to selecting the right sized FlipBelt. You can also visit us at one of our events or a local retailer to try on a FlipBelt. You are never stuck with a belt if the size doesn't work, we have an easy exchanges and returns policy! We’re happy to return or exchange the belt for you.

Is there a retail store in my area?

For a list of our retail stores, please check out our store locator. If you see that FlipBelt is not sold in your area you can always recommend our product to your favorite retailer!

Is FlipBelt waterproof?

FlipBelt is not waterproof, but the polyester/lycra material allows the belt to wick up sweat and dry quickly. If you wear your FlipBelt where it is in contact with your skin, it may soak through depending on the amount of sweat you produce. We recommend putting your electronics inside one of our Aloksak waterproof bags before placing them into the belt if you have concerns of sweat or water damaging your valuables.

What is FlipBelt made of?

All versions of the FlipBelt are made of 92% Micropoly polyester and 8% Lycra. This makes them moisture wicking and machine washable.

The FlipBelt Reflective PT Belt also includes reflective material.

Is FlipBelt machine washable?

Yes, the FlipBelt is machine washable so it’s as easy to care for as your workout clothes.

Wash your FlipBelt using cold water with your favorite laundry detergent and non-chlorine bleach as needed. Tumble dry on low or hang dry for the best results.

Is there a warranty on the FlipBelt?

We have a 30-day 100% customer satisfaction policy, meaning if you’re not totally happy with your FlipBelt, return it and we’ll gladly send you a new one or refund your money. If you want to return your FlipBelt, simply fill out our Return Form.

We also have a 1-year product warranty. If you experience any issues, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not ship internationally.  However, we suggest you check if your country already has a domestic carrier by clicking the store locator on our page and looking under the international tab. You can then be directed to the correct FlipBelt page depending on your country.

What is the difference between the classic and the zipper? Why shouldn't I just buy the zipper version?

The FlipBelt Zipper is a few dollars more than the FlipBelt Classic. The FlipBelt Zipper enhances the security of the FlipBelt Classic by featuring an extra secure zipper pocket in the belt you already love to use.

FlipBelt Zipper is also the perfect travel belt, and designed to accommodate passports and holds extra large phones. The classic belt will handle most usual items you may need during a workout and on the go. Both belts are secure and comfortable, the zipper belt just delivers an added level of security at a slightly higher price point.