FlipBelt - The Original Tubular Belt

FlipBelt is the original running belt for phones that sets a new standard for the everyday runner. The FlipBelt tubular belt keeps you connected, safe, and worry free on your run by securing your phone and personal items (e.g. keys, cards, ID, water bottles, sunscreen and more) with minimum bounce and zero chafing. The premium fabric is
environmentally friendly and moisture-wicking. The signature tubular design stretches to fit your most important items without sacrificing performance and style.

Women's Apparel

Functional and timeless in design, FlipBelt women's running apparel combines award-winning running belts with opulent performance fabrics. Patented and iconic tubular design of the FlipBelt secures your phone and personal items without bounce and chafing. Runner-inspired details and comfort make FlipBelt's line of performance running apparel a 'must have' in both hot and cold conditions. Shop our selection of women's fitness apparel for sale today!

Men's Apparel

From leisure to high intensity workouts, FlipBelt brings to you high quality performance apparel with maximum comfort in mind. Engineered with premium fabrics, innovative designs and moisture wicking technology that are meant to work together. No matter the activity, our men's running apparel will help you look and feel your best.


FlipBelt running accessories are designed to ensure you're safe and ready to run, whatever the conditions may be. From our innovative Running Waist Light that mimics the daylight running experience at night to the contoured water bottles curved to fit your hips for added comfort, FlipBelt jogging accessories keep you in control and in motion. Shop our selection of running supplies today!

FlipBelt Bundles

Save yourself time and money by bundling our most popular FlipBelts and accessories. We have the perfect combinations allowing you to carry extra hydration, have addition security and maximize your visibility on your run. Shopping and running just got easier!

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