6 Benefits Of Compression Clothing

Running is a great way to stay in shape and have fun, but it can also be tough on the body. Compression clothing for runners offers many benefits that help make running more comfortable and enjoyable. The support that compression clothing offers can also make running safer and easier on muscles and joints, since each step taken while running places a heavy load on the body, especially while running on hard ground. This type of clothing helps to improve local blood circulation, reduce muscle vibration, decrease lactic acid buildup, promote quicker recovery times after runs, and increase support for muscles during high-intensity activities. With all these potential benefits, compression clothing such as the FlipBelt Compression Shorts and FlipBelt Running Sleeves is becoming increasingly popular among athletes at all levels of competition. Learn more about the benefits of compression clothing below.

Improves local blood circulation

Compression clothing has become a popular choice for athletes, as it is believed to improve performance. Recent studies have shown that wearing compression clothing while running can increase local blood circulation, which in turn can help with muscle recovery and reduce fatigue. Compression tights, shorts, and socks have all been found to increase muscle oxygenation to varying degrees during strenuous aerobic physical activity, such as playing basketball.

Reduces inflammation

Exercise in compression clothing has been shown to reduce inflammation by decreasing the amount of impact on the body during physical activity. By providing an extra layer of support, the fabric helps to reduce muscle vibration and force impact, which can help to keep inflammation at bay. Additionally, compression clothing helps to improve local blood circulation, which can help to further reduce inflammation.

Assists in toxin elimination

Compression clothing helps the body to remove lactic acid by facilitating increased blood flow. When worn during physical activity, compression clothing helps to squeeze tight against the skin, allowing for an increase in venous return and improved circulation. This allows more oxygen-rich blood to circulate throughout the body, which is then used to oxidize the lactic acid so it can then be metabolized. As the body is limited in endurance activity by the amount of lactic acid it can remove, wearing compression garments helps ensure sufficient oxygen is delivered, which may potentially increase the athlete's lactic acid threshold and lead to better, more satisfying workouts.

Improves endurance, strength, and power

Compression clothing also aids the body during workouts by providing increased stability and support. Because compression clothing braces your body when it is worn, it can help it sustain a higher load. Professional athletes commonly wear compression braces in sports such as basketball because high-impact motions such as jumping can place a lot of pressure on joints. Each step taken while running exerts several times an individual's body weight on the legs, so compression clothing will help the body weather those intense workouts.

Reduces post-workout muscle pain and fatigue

Post-workout muscle soreness is caused by a lack of resources such as water and electrolytes being delivered to the muscles, as well as the muscle itself along with connective tissue being damaged during exercise. As compression clothing helps stimulate blood flow which can help that nutrient and resource delivery, it can also help reduce the soreness experienced following a workout. Muscles will also be able to work more efficiently and effectively due to the increased nutrient flow during the workout.

Helps protect against wind and elements

This type of clothing helps regulate body temperature by trapping heat close to the skin, improving comfort during exercise. The tight fit also reduces chafing and irritation caused by traditional fabrics rubbing against the skin when running or engaging in other activities. In addition, compression clothing can be used as an additional layer of protection from cold weather conditions or wind chill when exercising outdoors. All these benefits make them ideal for runners looking to get the most out of their workout sessions.


Compression clothing is supportive, protective, assistive, stylish, and comfortable. Investing in the proper workout gear can help push you over the edge and achieve the next milestone in your fitness journey. FlipBelt Compression Shorts can also help store your valuables such as your keys, wallet, or even water bottles. Please feel free to browse men's and women's apparel by FlipBelt in the shop or reach out directly if you have any questions.
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