Explore the Benefits of Trail Running

Looking to blaze new trails and run new paths? Trail running is your next athletic adventure! Your friends at FlipBelt are here to inspire you to connect with nature while clocking miles. We've put together our favorite reasons to hit the trails this summer with a quick guide to the benefits of trail running. Road running may be your go-to track, but once you've discovered the joy of racing through the forest, you may just become a full-time trailer runner. Learn about the benefits of trail running below!

Find Your Peace

Trail running is a great way to connect with nature. We all know that exercise is an essential part of wellness, but did you know that enjoying the great outdoors can positively impact your mental health? Studies suggest that spending more time in nature cultivates joy and a sense of peace. The benefits of finding your peace include improved focus, inspired creativity, and feeling more balanced within yourself. 

Many runners find they can more easily focus on breathing and posture when surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Let the serenity improve your stride as the intrigue of new paths to explore makes every run more exciting.

Build Strength

While road running offers a good platform for endurance, trail running takes your stride to the next level with challenging terrain. Diverse inclines, varying resistance, and even a few climbs or scrabbles on more intense trails offer the perfect opportunity to build strength. Cardio lovers know that cross-training is the best way to tone your muscles and improve your overall fitness. 

You don't need to move mountains to benefit from trail running. Even a dirt or gravel path works your muscles, tendons, and ligaments differently than road or treadmill running, engaging quads, glutes, calves, and core. 

Go Hard on Your Workout, but Easy on Your Knees

Runner's knee is a common ailment suffered by distance runners. Many worry about the long-term effects of high-impact activities on their knees and other joints. If you engage primarily in road running and have noticed stiffness and knee pain, this may be a sign to switch up your terrain. Trail running is easier on the knees due to the flexible ground. Often, trails are "softer" and better at absorbing the impact of your strides. This allows you to focus more on getting that extra mile and less on dealing with knee pain.

Additionally, trail runners often find that it's easier to set their pace and be mindful of posture when engaging their muscles across varying terrain. You might even consider taking a yoga break at the midway point in your trail run to capture a moment of natural serenity while stretching and regrouping.

Don't Forget Your Trail Essentials

Before heading off on your next adventure, don't forget to pack your wilderness must have's. Being prepared will make your trail running experience more enjoyable. Our uniquely lightweight, hands-free tubular belts won't weigh down your stride, but they will allow you to store everything you need from keys to phone. Enjoy snapping a few pictures of your scenic run without the risk of dropping your device.

Be sure to pack essential safety items should you encounter wildlife on the trails. A mini bear spray or mace will help you feel confident and secure embarking on the trail. Bring a mini flashlight or headlamp if you're heading out later in the evening. These items will keep you safe in case of an emergency. We also recommend outdoors musts like water, sunscreen, and bug spray. All of these items can fit securely and comfortably in your handy FlipBelt!

Looking for more reasons to love trail running and tips for what to bring along for the journey? Reach out to our outdoor running experts today and keep going the extra mile.

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