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As the long days of summer slip away, more and more runners find themselves starting or ending their runs in the dark. Logging miles no matter the season may be the mark of a truly committed runner, but no one should battle the darkness or put up with sub-par lighting options. Out of this struggle came the inspiration for the FlipBelt Running Light. One goal and tireless efforts for over two years culminated in a way for runners to have the best possible running experience in the dark. 



Research began by asking one question: Is there a light that can be used for all runners in all conditions? The ideal running light had to go above and beyond the standard 200 lumen light, which is insufficient for many technical trails and roads without street lights. This, above all else, was the benchmark for success.



Our design goal was to create a running light that serves as the ultimate antidote to dark runs.  We created a jogging light device that fits into a pocket of the FlipBelt, projecting bright, wide, 500 lumens of light (that’s 2 to 3 times that of competing headlamps!) from waist level onto the path ahead. We found the lumen strength of bicycle lights to be extremely useful for bicyclists and applied it to running. After all, if the light strength is good for night cycling at high speeds, it will be more than enough for runners.


Wear Testing

Ultimately, how runners respond to our running light is the real test. A wide range of runners from professionals to ultra-marathoners to casual runners tested our new running light. Around the world, the product was met with success.  


Introducing the FlipBelt Running Light

We’ve truly redefined runs in the dark by designing a running light to mimic the daylight running experience. The creation of the FlipBelt Running Light emphasizes our long-standing FlipBelt design philosophy: commitment, dedication, and care leading to high-quality technical performance gear that is also incredibly comfortable.


The Light You Need Without the Bounce You Don’t

One of the biggest complaints about running lights on the market is that they bounce or shift as you run. Not only can this be uncomfortable, but it can be frustrating as your illumination bounces around. With the FlipBelt Running Light at waist level, light hits the ground at the right angle for you to see exactly what obstacles lie ahead. Working with your center of gravity rather than against it, the FlipBelt Running Light also feels secure and won’t bounce around.

Once in place, it is designed to stay secure. The positioning of the illumination creates a long shadow cast, keeping ground obstacles in your line of sight just like daytime. It also prevents common issues like reflected light from rain, fog, or dust obscuring your vision. If you run with others, they will appreciate that the light does not impair them, since it is perfectly positioned at waist rather than head height.


The Ease of a Rechargeable, No-Fuss Lighting Option

Any runner who has run in the dark knows the hassle of changing running light batteries every few hours or struggling with dim light after the first half of a long run. Our new running light provides a unique solution within the industry, providing users with an impressive up to 8 hours of burn time along with the ease of recharging the light fully within two hours. 

Best of all, you can recharge your running light with a simple micro USB cable. This allows less charging while skipping the expense of replacing the batteries every few hours. When it is fully charged, you simply place it into one of the access points of your FlipBelt, feeling the security and stability provided by the rubberized casing.


 Works in Conjunction with the FlipBelt

The FlipBelt Running Light is not a standalone product. It is designed to work in conjunction with the FlipBelt, the original tubular/fitness belt that set a new standard for the everyday runner. Since the FlipBelt comes in a range of sizes and is bounce-free, it is the obvious companion for a running light. The access points secure the FlipBelt Running Light but still allow you to adjust or tilt the direction of the light for maximum visibility on the run.

The result of our belt mounted light solution yielded numerous benefits compared to headlamps including better obstacle visibility, better visibility in the rain/dust, less blinding of oneself and other runners and better comfort. The best result has been the happy customer experience and feedback, which is always a true joy for a team in development.


Mia Do, Founder and Design Lead, September 2019

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