Where to Hold Your Phone While Trail Running

For many runners, keeping your phone nearby is a must. For trail runners, that need is even more pronounced. When you’re miles from your car parked at the trail head or you’re heading up to elevations where weather can be unpredictable, it is critical to have access to your phone right when you need it most. (Plus – you need a phone to snap that obligatory selfie at the top of the mountain trail, right?) Whether you are checking out your local trails for the first time or you’re gearing up for a trail ultramarathon, there is one thing all trail runners have in common: The need to figure out how to hold your phone while trail running. Take a look at some of the dos and don’ts for how to store your phone while trail running.


DO Keep Your Phone Within Reach When on the Trails

It might be tempting to stick your phone in a pocket of your hydration pack and hope for the best, but think carefully about how quickly you can access that phone in a hurry. Do you first have to undo some straps, remove a pack, dig through a big interior pocket and then hope there isn’t any energy gel smeared across the screen? In a true emergency, your phone should be instantly accessible – preferably right on the body so you can grab it in a second.


DON’T Attempt to Hold Your Phone in Your Hand

This may be the worst option when trail running. Trails are, by definition, often uneven, and you never know when a root or some mud could interrupt your flow. Holding your phone in your hands means risking damage to the phone and a disruption to your gait.



DO Prioritize Security

Although an increasing number of running clothes contain pockets, few are truly designed for security. A big loose pocket on a sleeve or the side of your shorts might look appealing until you’re a few miles into your run and your phone is missing. The FlipBelt Athletic Women’s Crop Leggings, in contrast, uses the design and tech of the original FlipBelt to protect your valuable items and stow your phone on the run. The leggings even offer an additional smaller zippered pocket so you can trust that your keys or cash will be there when you’re back at the trail head.


DON’T Settle for the Bounce

Far too many trail runners think that a bouncing phone is just part of a typical trail run. It does not have to be! Sticking your phone in your sports bra or in the waistband of your shorts is rarely comfortable, and it often leads to bouncing that is repetitive at best and can cause chafing or pain at worst. The FlipBelt and its tubular design is snug against the body, allowing you to run trails with your phone and avoid the dreaded bounce.


On the trails, having a phone on hand is not just a preference: It is a necessity. It’s vital to have a way to call for help in an emergency situation. If you’re asking yourself, “Where do I keep my phone on a trail run?”, rest assured that there are a number of products designed expressly for runners. FlipBelt products like the Running Crops or the Zipper Running Belt eliminate bounce, allow you to run freely, and give you a sense of security when you’re adding up miles on scenic trails.

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