How to Stay Fit During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has impacted life across the globe. While staying healthy throughout the outbreak is the goal, many people are struggling to maintain their fitness under rules of social distancing, isolation, or quarantine. Staying fit, however, can help you fight off disease and boost your immune system during this challenging time. The good news is that it is possible to maintain your fitness during the pandemic, but you will almost certainly have to make some tweaks to ensure your routine is safe. These suggestions can help you keep both your body, mind, and spirit fit and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Learn how to stay fit at home with these tips.


Follow Local and CDC Guidelines Regarding Outdoor Exercise

Even in the midst of a pandemic, exercise is still encouraged. That being said, there are plenty of guidelines in place that vary from state to state and even city to city. As a general rule, make sure you are not exercising within 6 feet of another person. In addition, no one should ever be working out in groups larger than 10. Beyond that, many athletes are opting to workout solo, and in some cities, there is a recommendation to limit time outdoors. In remote areas filled with breathtaking mountain trails, local governing bodies request that visitors stay away for the time being so as not to put extra pressure on search and rescue or medical personnel. Above all, stay aware of local laws and do your best to be part of the solution. When in doubt, remember that there are excellent ways to stay fit indoors. 


Maintain Your Routine 

Getting into a fitness routine takes time, and social distancing does not have to mean the end of your normal workout schedule. You may not have to hit the bike trainer at 5 a.m. anymore, but you can still stay in the habit of working out first thing when you wake up. There is a mental component involved that can help you stay sane in these trying times. Wearing your normal workout gear, whether that’s your favorite running crops or shorts, and using the same accessories as normal, including FlipBelt Classic Running Belt, helps you maintain a semblance of normalcy in your life. Plus, when the world reopens and adventure calls, there will be no transition period as you jump headfirst into events and races.


Stay Social – From a Distance

Social distancing might mean staying physically distant from your friends and training partners, but it does not mean you have to lose touch. Your normal weekday running buddy can become a motivational partner via text even if you’re both running solo. Instead of meeting your friend at the gym, challenge each other to a pushup competition! The connections you’ve built with friends and training partners don’t need to fade out during this public health crisis. 


Take Advantage of Online Resources

If you have to eliminate some of the staples of your normal workout, head online for alternative options. There are a variety of great resources that can keep you motivated. Many fitness subscription services are offering free trials for up to 90 days, and lots of in-person fitness classes are moving to online platforms like Facebook Live or Zoom. Even if you have never used online fitness resources before, you might be surprised at just how many new options have emerged in the recent weeks.  


Give Yourself a Break 

In these unprecedented times, it is important to offer yourself patience. Whether you are struggling with working from home, concerned with the health of loved ones, or just coping with cabin fever, exercise can and does help alleviate that stress. However, make sure that your commitment to fitness isn’t causing you more stress in the long run. Give yourself a break if necessary and remember that a rest day won’t ruin your hard-earned fitness. If you need to, skip that early treadmill run for an extra hour of sleep, or trade a challenging HIIT workout for a relaxing meditation session instead. This is a marathon, not a sprint.


Look Ahead to the Future

Many of the events we’ve been training for are now cancelled. If upcoming events are what keep you motivated, it can be hard to stick to a training schedule without something to look forward to. If possible, consider scheduling a race further out than normal. Maybe a winter indoor tri can keep you pushing on the bike trainer, or maybe planning a marathon next spring can encourage those afternoon runs. Remember that this period will pass, and there are wonderful things to look forward to in the future.  Keep your goals in mind and allow yourself to prioritize what keeps you healthy, happy and calm in tough times. 


FlipBelt is committed to helping people stay fit and achieve their personal goals in all circumstances. Under these unprecedented times, the safety for that of our community, customers, and employees is our number one priority. As we all balance these new health, emotional, and financial risks, we encourage everyone to stay strong and take prudent care of yourself and others as we get through this pandemic together.

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