How To Achieve Runner's High

When you go for a run, a free wind-in-your-face kind of run, you start to feel euphoric. This feeling lifts you up, makes you feel strong and powerful, and makes it easier to run longer, further, and feel amazing afterward. This distinct feeling is called a runner's high.

What Causes Runner's High?

Runner's high is one of those interesting (and awesome) evolutionary details about being human. You can thank the survival responses of our ancient ancestors, because when they needed to run, they didn't need anything slowing them down.

A runner's high can be achieved during any extended and intense cardio that goes uninterrupted for the right length of time (which is unique to each person).  It occurs with the release of two types of neurotransmitters.

When your body/brain realizes that you're going for an extended run, it releases endorphins and endocannabinoids. Together, these cause a runner's high that makes you feel euphoric and reduces the muscular pain you might otherwise feel.

The Benefits of Runner's High

Runner's high feels amazing. It's uplifting and enjoyable and it makes you want to go running again. But there are also some very real health benefits to the runner's high.

  • Reducing Anxiety

    • Endorphins and your body's natural endocannabinoids are a great balm for anxiety. Many people who struggle with depression and anxiety use running and the runner's high as a natural remedy that can leave you feeling better all day.
  • Muscle Recovery Time After a Run

    • The pain relief of a runner's high also gives you time to cool down after a run before your muscles start to ache. You have time to stretch and take a hot shower while you still feel great.
  • Pain Management

    • Those with chronic pain conditions that do not prevent you from running have found that the runner's high can help with natural pain management.
  • Sleep Aid

    • Going for a run during the week can help with sleep, and the release of the runner's high can aid in better, deeper sleep.
  • Diabetes Reduction and Longevity

How to Achieve a Runner's High

To achieve a runner's high, you'll want to run for longer periods. A short run may not give you the runner's high, but a run of 20-60 minutes is sure to get there. Here's how to reach your runner's high and discover the right threshold for your body, as each person is different in terms of intensity and timing.

Prepare for a Long Run

First, dress and prepare for a long run. Wear supportive, flexible sneakers that have no problems with the laces or tongue. Dress in breathable exercise clothes that won't need adjusting after a ten-minute run. If you have long hair, pull it back now before it gets in your face or becomes damp at the back of your neck.

Keep Your Hands Free and Your Pockets Light

Hands-free running is a must, but you also don't want to weigh down your pockets or have an uneven load. A runner's belt, like the FlipBelt Zipper, is a good plan because you can balance your essentials tightly around your waist instead of pockets that bounce or worrying about your hands. When you are approaching runner's high, your mind changes modes and you do not want to risk dropping your phone when this happens.

Bring a Water Bottle

It can be tough to stay hydrated on a long run, especially since water bottles can through off your balance. The FlipBelt Arc Water Bottle is a curved water bottle that tucks into your runner's belt in the small of your back. This is the best way to bring a water bottle on a long run while aiming for that runner's high.

Maintain Your Breath

Keep your breathing steady. Remember to circle-breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, if possible. The key to a long run is good pacing and good breath.

Choose the Right Route

Finally, choose a long route that will end back at your house so that you can stretch and shower immediately after your run is over. This will give you the best chance to truly enjoy your runner's high both during and after your run.

Achieve Your Runner's High with FlipBelt Hands-Free Running

FlipBelt was designed by and for athletes because running with a phone and water bottle shouldn't be hard. The Classic FlipBelt is a runner's belt that keeps your essentials comfortably close to your center of gravity so that you can go the distance without offsetting your balance and with no bounce in your pocket - or risk of anything bouncing out of your pockets. Stylized for both men's and women's sporting apparel, we can help you achieve your runner's high with long, enjoyable, euphoric daily runs.

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