How to Keep Running Through the Holidays

The holiday season is always a challenging time to stay in a routine. There are so many parties, traveling, and extra responsibilities that it is challenging to stay on any kind of schedule or have time to yourself. Of course, the time spent with family creating memories and catching up over the holidays is important, but so is staying on top of your running regimen. It may take a little creativity, but there are ways that you can have your fruit cake and eat it too. Learn how to keep running during the holidays below!

Go Early

Getting your run in may mean getting up before everyone else to have some time to yourself. The holidays are usually a time when people overindulge in everything, including sleep, so you might not need to get up that early to make it out and back before everyone else wakes up. If the thought of running in the morning doesn't exactly excite you, don't worry, it isn't a long-term solution, and there are ways to make it easier. You never know; you may find that you enjoy the benefits of running in the morning. 

Find a Buddy

Is there someone else in your family that loves to run? Partner with them and use the time for some one-on-one to catch up with family members you don't see often. Having a holiday running buddy will keep you accountable and make it easier, especially if you are visiting someone else's home and running in areas with which you aren't familiar. 

Be Prepared

If you are visiting someone else for the holidays, it will pay to be prepared for your run. Look up local weather forecasts to know the appropriate clothes to wear, and plan your run in advance, so you don't get lost. Before you head out, ask your host if there is anything you need to know about the area to ensure your safety and let other people know your route and when you plan on returning. 

Go Easy on the Treats 

Whether it's holiday cookies or red wine, too much of the good stuff can leave you feeling heavy and sluggish the next day. It is okay to let go a little around the holiday but try not to overdo it if you have a run the next day. 

Integrate Your Run Into Other Family Activities

The holidays are when families get together for traditions like sledding or skating; if your family has a tradition like this, try to get your run in while everyone else is having fun. Often these events take place at parks with running trails, so it is the perfect way to get your run in without interfering with other holiday plans. 

Create Motivation

If you are worried about motivation over the holiday season, create some by joining a running challenge or entering a holiday race. However, don't sign up for one of these events if you think it will cause undo stress around an already stressful time; there are other ways to motivate yourself. 

Do Your Best

Don't sweat it if you miss a run or two; the new year is right around the corner, and you can set new goals and have a fresh start. It doesn't have to be all or nothing either; even a short run is still a run, so if you can get in a quick one, go for it. 

We're Here to Help

With everything else going on, the last thing you want is to be distracted on your holiday runs. Reach out to us to learn more about how our products allow you to focus on running and not everything the modern runner has to carry with them. Our products will help keep you safe and prevent you from losing important items on your run, whether you are running around your block or in a different city entirely. 

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