How to Track Your Miles on a Run

When it comes to running and exercising, the right gear can be transformational. Good shoes give you the support you need, and accessories like running belts can help you stay safe and connected while you lap the neighborhood. But one piece of gear you may have overlooked is a mileage tracker. Mile tracking makes it easier to set goals, see your progress in context and stay motivated. Here are some of the best methods for how to track your miles while running, jogging or walking.

Mile-Tracker App

Using a smartphone app to track miles is one of the easiest and most affordable options for most runners. Options like MapMyRun, Strava and Runkeeper are all ubiquitous names for mileage tracking, and as a result, are all highly rated. Experiment with different apps to see which one you like best. With a running mile-tracker app, you don’t need to invest in a separate tech device (although, these apps often come with premium-only features). Just make sure you have a good way to carry your phone. FlipBelt holds it securely without bouncing, and it’s designed to comfortably accommodate any phone size.

GPS Watch and Running Wearables

If you like to frequently glance at your progress while running or walking, you may prefer a GPS watch. Although they can be pricey, they can collect all kinds of run details along the way and may even offer health tracking and Bluetooth music features. If a watch has connected GPS, you need to carry your phone with you. Some have built-in GPS, but they tend to be bulkier in size.

Google Maps

Don’t want to carry a device? Map out your route on Google Maps. Input your starting point and destination and make sure to alter the route to match up with the path you take. Keep in mind that this may be more time-consuming compared to the aforementioned options. In addition, it really only works if you like to follow a very specific route.

Whichever method you decide to use to track running mileage, be sure you have a reliable way to carry essentials like your phone, keys, water and other essentials. A FlipBelt can do all that and more without missing a beat.

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