MIIEGO Wireless Headphones Review

When you’re out for a run, having good music along the way is crucial to keep you motivated to maximize your experience. Choosing the right quality wireless headphones for running is a major decision to make so that you’re not worried about keeping them from falling out and that they stay comfortable along the way. That’s why we’re big fans of the Miiego Wireless Headphones and are proud to carry them as the perfect audio accompaniment to your running journey.

Having to adjust your headphones is just as annoying as shorts that keep falling down or stopping to untie your shoes. Free of distractions, you’ll be able to spend your energy on maximizing your workout instead. This new product from Miiego’s line of superb quality wireless headphones lets you hit the trails or the pavement with no strings attached (literally) so you can focus on enjoying the path ahead of you. We took a look at some of the key features on the MIIEGO headphones that runners look for in wireless headphones to see how they stack up.

MIIEGO Wireless Headphones

Comfort and Fit

The first thing we like is that each model of these quality wireless headphones fits comfortably around your ears at a such light weight that you’ll barely notice they’re there. The most comfortable and lightweight fit on the pairs we tested were the MIIEGO M1’s. These stayed comfortable and secure even on longer runs. With concerns from many other headphones that just don’t fit right inside your ear, make them feel sore, or can cause an uncomfortable earwax buildup; with the Miiego approach, these issues were not a concern. Simply slip the headphones over your ears and the comfortable neckband around the back of your neck, slip your phone into your FlipBelt, and you’re ready to go.


Miiego’s Wireless Headphones also feature easy to use controls accessible right on the earphone. This handy feature improved the overall running experience and allowed us to control volume, tracks, pause and take calls by pressing small buttons on top of the right earphone. With a quick adjustment we could find the perfect volume and skip to the next track on our playlist. With the convenience of the Bluetooth feature, you’ll never have to worry about looking down at your phone or iPod again to change up the volume or tune.


Just to prove that wireless headphones are indeed good for running, the best part about your playlist – the sound – is of the utmost quality. The sound is a perfect balance, as well; the quality is just right so that you can hear that perfect playlist while still maintaining sensory awareness of your surroundings, such as traffic or nearby runners and other athletes.

Built for Outdoors

Whether you’re in for a casual afternoon jog or you’re ready to hit those sprint intervals at full intensity, in the sunshine or in the rain, Miiego’s Wireless Headphones are resistant to water and sweatproof. They’re designed for any environment and any conditions. This type of durability is another great aspect of the product and in our tests, these held up without issue.

M1 Running

Battery Life

As if convenience couldn’t improve these quality wireless headphones for your running experience any further, you won’t have to worry about your playlist cutting out ever again with Miiego’s supreme battery life. With each charge, the wireless headphones last for a total of 11 hours of playing time!

We are fans of quality wireless headphones for running, and Miiego’s Wireless Headphones are a perfect pair with any FlipBelt product. Comfort, fit, staying in place, supreme sound, battery life, durability, and convenient controls make this a standout choice for your running experience. Just like we’ve mentioned before, having the right gear for your run is the key to success.

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