Bad Social Habits of Runners and How to Break Them

Joining a running group can be a great way to make friends, get inspired and amp up your running pace and technique, especially during the colder winter months when you may need the extra motivation. When joining up with a group run, there are some helpful runner's etiquette pointers on what bad social habits may seem like no big deal, but can be annoying to runners.

Too Chatty

Making new friends is great part of the runner experience. Sometimes making extra talk can be overwhelming, especially when someone is running at max effort or trying to make it up the hill without stopping. Be mindful of others and take time to be aware if your runner pals aren’t keeping up with your conversation.

Too Much Perfume

You might love your signature fragrance, but that doesn’t mean everyone else will. Running behind or with someone who overdoes the perfume can be annoying at best — and it could even trigger an allergy or asthma attack in sensitive people. Just stick to the deodorant when you’re on a run and save the perfume for brunch afterward.

Be more conscious of your behavior during social or public runs and you’ll soon find that you’re making more friends - and getting more invitations to runs!

No Deodorant

On the flip side, don’t use a sweaty run as an opportunity to skip the deodorant. Be aware of your hygiene and don’t wear old, sweaty clothes, especially if you’re going on a group run. Make sure you’re not affecting the quality of the run.

Constantly Late

Always show up on time and ready to go when going on a group run. Otherwise, people are just standing around waiting for you.

Grump Attitude

Don’t be that guy (or gal!) — you know, the one who everyone steers clear from because of his bad attitude. Running gives us a great opportunity to go out in the world and engage with others, so at least nod and smile if someone says “hello” to you as they pass. If you are grumpy, take a second and evaluate your mood. Chances are your run will fix the effects of a bad day, so don’t take it out on others.

Not Waiting for the Group

There’s nothing more annoying than showing up for group fun run and the leaders that are more familiar with the area take off. Group runs should have a plan to accommodate everyone and the run should be discussed ahead of time so everyone knows the area and turns. Ask questions about the pace, the route and any stopping points ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page.

Thinking the group run is your chance for a new PR

Be mindful of others, especially on the trail and be accommodating of the groups’ pace when you need to. Take time to alert others when you need to pass and always practice proper trail etiquette. Everyone appreciates a team player.

out on a group run

Listening to Music

Everyone’s got an opinion on music and running. We encourage you to find what works best for you and to use good judgement when it comes to using headphones on a run. Keep the volume low enough to hear your surroundings so you’re aware of anyone behind you on the trail or cars on the road for safety. When running with a group, be ready to turn the volume down at stopping points so you can chat with the group. Headphones that have easy to use controls like the Miego wireless sport headphones make it easy to quickly adjust the volume.



Are You Guilty of These Bad Running Habits? You Can Change Things Around

There’s still hope if you’re guilty of one (or more!) of these bad social habits. Be more conscious of runner's etiquette during social or public runs and you’ll soon find that you’re making more friends - and getting more invitations to runs!

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