The Right Running Tech for Your Routine

Running with Tech: Get the Most from Your High-Tech Gear

Whether your goal is to track your health or beat your best times, running tech has never been better than it is today. Fitness wearables, running apps, and even portable music are at their technological peak.

The best part is that pretty much anyone can equip top-tier running tech. The challenge is getting the most from your gear. While you can just use the default settings on your smartwatch, at FlipBelt, we have explored every possible tech combination and can provide a quick, easy guide to maximize the benefit of your running gadgets.

Fitness Smartwatch - Vital Signs, GPS, and More

Start with your "wearable," AKA: a smartwatch with sweet fitness features.  The best brands for this are Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Watch, but there are really tons of brands to choose from. You can explore whatever suits your style and price range, with an OS that interfaces with your phone.

What really matters is the fitness features and their accuracy. You need a smartwatch that measures your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and *most of all* your GPS location. GPS tracking allows you to track your miles and routes in addition to your steps and cardio.

The Right Running App(s)

Running apps can be used to enhance your training, provide extra information, and give you a motivational boost. There are tons of apps to choose from, so we'll share a quick tour of the top running apps and what they have to offer.

  • Nike Run Club - Best free running app, with tons of running data analysis in the free version and connection to local coaches and other runners. It also plays music and connects you to running social media to share your achievements.
  • Strava - Best running app for social sharing and group goals/competitions. It also tracks things like running speed, distance, and detailed performance analysis and jives with most smartwatches.
  • Runna - Best running app for marathon training, and focuses on specific training plans.
  • Stride - A "Territory" game where you motivate by playing with other runners for who runs the biggest territory.
  • Map My Run by Under Armour - Free version shows your GPS routes on a map, also pairs with Bluetooth Under Armour shoes.
  • Peloton - Indoor running app with virtual run environments and access to trainer videos. Not just for Peloton Treadmills
  • Garmin Connect - Just for Garmin Watches, but a great suite of in-depth running data.

Earbuds That Stay

Of course, no run is complete without great music, podcasts, or audiobooks to keep your mind motivated while your body does the moving. The challenge is finding earbuds that don't fall out or get uncomfortable as you get sweaty.

This process typically requires trial and error for every runner. There is no perfect solution because everyone has differently shaped ears. Even your earwax consistency plays a party. What we can do is share a few tips on finding the best pair of earbuds.

  1. Sport Loops - Singular earbuds are more likely to fall off. Look into earbuds that come with that loop around the back of your neck so that they fall like wireless headphones instead.
  2. Change the Silicone Tip Size - At the tip of each earbud is a silicone nubbin - the part that goes in your ear. Most earbuds come with a set of different sizes. Change them out to discover if a larger or smaller tip fits more snugly in your ear. Too small or too big, and the earbud will fall out.
  3. Change the Outer Ear Hook - Some also come with a securing loop or hook that fits in or around your outer ear. Try those out, too, until you get the most comfortable and secure fit.
  4. Try Different Styles and Brands - Keep trying until you find the right earbuds 

Take Time to Pair Before Each Run

Trust our team of experienced runners: you want to take time to pair your devices together before each run. You never know which one has dropped the Bluetooth connection overnight, while you were at work, etc. Repair your earbuds, watch, and phone as part of your pre-run ritual. Then, line up your media and make sure it's ready to play with a tap to your watch or earbuds so you don't lose momentum once your run begins.

Somewhere to Put Your Phone

Finally, you will need somewhere safe to put your phone. Most great apps, even with a smartwatch, depend on pairing with your phone. So it has to come along. Experienced runners can share a world of stories on phone-bouncing disasters when phones are placed in jackets or back pockets. That's why a runner's belt like FlipBelt is your optimal solution. The FlipBelt Running Belt provides a secure and stylish solution to holding your phone to your body comfortably without throwing off your balance with extra weight on one side or the other.

There's also room for your keys, ID, and essential cards, and even a FlipBelt Arc Water Bottle, which fits comfortably into the small of your back to stay hydrated on the go. For more useful running tips and tricks or to gear up for your next run, contact us today.

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