Traveling With FlipBelt: Say Goodbye to Travel Stress

Traveling across the country or across the world, no one wants to lose their keys and wallet far from home. From pickpockets to pockets that empty themselves every time you sit, a day of travel can be a joy or a nightmare depending on whether your ID and travel money are there when you reach for them. With FlipBelt, you can transform your comfortable, secure running belt into a comfortable, secure traveler's money belt simply by wearing your FlipBelt over or under your clothes when you travel.

What is a Money Belt?

When traveling, the risk of losing things out of your pockets is extremely high. It's not just that it becomes nearly impossible to retrace your steps, or that a million people are moving through the same airports and busy streets you have passed. It's also that pickpockets tend to prey on unaware travelers. Enter: The Travel Money belt.

A money belt is a belt with a pocket all the way around where you can slide in your wallet, keys, ID, and other little essentials without pockets that dump out or could be easily picked. Sound familiar? A money belt is often worn under the clothes, close to the body where it would be tangible if your phone moved an inch, so no pick pocket would risk the pick.

Why is FlipBelt the Perfect Traveler's Money Belt?

The innovative and comfortable FlipBelt design was first developed as a runner's belt: the ultimate answer to how to carry your essentials without weighing down your pockets on a long run or a workout session at the gym. FlipBelt has been tried by tens of thousands, tested and proven to be a great solution that does not let go of your phone no matter how hard you run. Even if you flip upside-down.

FlipBelt is actually more comfortable to wear under your travel clothes than most money belts and with upgraded features like the FlipBelt Zipper and Ultra Wallet, you can be sure all of your essentials make it to your destination and back home again safely. 

Travel Tips for Traveling with Your FlipBelt

Whether you are traversing the airport or spending a day at the amusement park, traveling with your essentials can be done easily, safely, and comfortably using a FlipBelt for travel.

Carry Your Travel Essentials

Before you head to the airport, cruise ship, or load up the car for a road trip, pack your travel essentials. Use your travel money belt to carry the things you need on your person - instead of hidden in your luggage. This means your:

  • ID and Payment Cards
  • Passport
  • Keys
  • Travel Cash
  • Hotel Room Key 
  • Emergency Medications (Ex: Epi-Pen, antihistamines, inhaler)

How to Hide Your FlipBelt

Traveler's money belts are typically hidden under the clothes instead of being worn like a traditional belt. Unlike stiff canvas money belts, a FlipBelt is built to conform to the shape and movement of your waist or hips, making it much more comfortable to wear under your clothes.

When traveling, you can hide your FlipBelt by wearing it under your over-most shirt and/or inside a partially zipped jacket. This hides your money and essentials while also ensuring that any daring pickpocket would be immediately noticed by disturbing your clothes, not just a pocket.

Zip Up for Added Security

The FlipBelt Zipper features zippers to securely close the special pockets. When you're far from home, this provides added safety and peace of mind. A zipper can save you from the worry that your phone might somehow work its way free (or be pulled by an opportunistic toddler) at the most inopportune moment. 

Tether Your FlipBelt Ultra Wallet

Need to get into and out of a wallet fast, without fumbling with the belt? We understand, we've all been through airports and marketplaces before. That's why there's the FlipBelt Ultra Wallet, a 3-compartment wallet pouch that clips securely to your FlipBelt and can also tuck neatly into the belt pockets when you're done flashing your ID every five minutes.

Stay Hydrated with the FlipBelt Water Bottle

Lastly, the fact that FlipBelt was designed as a runner's belt is a huge benefit when it comes to staying hydrated on the go. A FlipBelt curved water bottle can nestle comfortably into the belt around your waist so you never have to worry about being stranded and parched - and can keep up your hydration without paying $10 for every airport bottle of water.

Avoid travel stress or the risk of becoming a pickpocket target with the help of FlipBelt to keep your essential belongings safe while traveling abroad. There are so many colors and sizes of FlipBelt that you're sure to find one that matches your favorite travel attire and is comfortable to wear while walking for hours or seated in planes, buses, taxi's and amusement park trolleys. To make your traveling easy and worry-free, add FlipBelt to your travel must-have accessories. 

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