The Best Accessory For Your EDC Outfit

No pockets? No problem! Some of the best festival outfits don’t have any pockets, which inevitably leads you to putting your phone in your bra or having to awkwardly hold it while trying to have a good time at concerts. No matter where you shop for EDM apparel or what type of outfit you choose to wear at dance festivals, you’ll have a hard time finding cute rave outfits that still allow you to hold your phone, ID, and cash without having to worry about losing your essential items.

This essential rave item is the perfect solution to your festival fashion problem. This rave belt secures your essentials, looks great, and comes in 5 sizes. It’s a single tubular festival pocket belt that perfectly complements your EDM gear. There are 9 colors to choose from to match all of your EDM accessories, even if you choose to wear neon rave clothes. No matter what you choose to wear to your next event, make sure you grab a FlipBelt and simplify your EDM festival gear today!