• "The best most realistic solution for holding your iPhone 6 Plus"
    - Vogue

  • "We found the best gizmo."
    - Business Insider

  • "The Design is pretty genius"
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  • "FlipBelt is the coolest gear. Get rid of the armband. You won't regret it."
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What's the best way to carry your iPhone with you on a run or workout?

The FlipBelt is the best running accessory for iPhones while exercising and gives you a convenient and comfortable way to keep everything close at hand, and even holds new large size phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max and XS Max. The FlipBelt is a tried and trusted iPhone running belt to help you power through those tough miles while keeping tabs on your distance, time, and the number of calories you burn.

​Fits any size iPhone

All iPhones fit snugly in the FlipBelt, no matter if you’re looking for a running belt for as large as an iPhone 12 Pro Max or as small as an iPhone 5. It’s truly a one-size-fits-all iPhone workout accessory.

​Rigorously tested

The FlipBelt design team wanted to make the absolute best iPhone running belt, so we tested it during a 10K to make sure everything stayed safely in place. And it does! With the FlipBelt running band for iPhones, your phone stays exactly where you put it—and you stay comfortable no matter if you’re running, biking, working out, golfing, or even doing household chores (hey, that’s a workout, too!).

​The leading armband alternative

Workout armbands are often specifically made to fit only a certain phone model. While that keeps them secure, armbands often don’t have enough room to fit other items, like keys or money. And what about those regular phone upgrades? Most armband sizes are also customized to fit only the newest model iPhones, making it almost impossible to find one that fits an older model, like the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. That won’t happen with a FlipBelt iPhone running belt, making it the best alternative to running armbands.

​Holds all your essentials

You no longer need multiple pockets and stash spots to hold your keys, money and other personal items on the run. Keep everything in one easy-to-access waist pack iPhone running belt. This secure pack is big enough to hold your iPhone and other essentials like earbuds, inhalers, insulin pumps, EpiPens, and other important medication. Everything fits snugly in the FlipBelt iPhone holder for running, so your stuff won’t bounce around as you run, with easy access to the pockets.

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